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Out of NVMe slots? This PCIe SSD enclosure adds one more for £11.54

A cheap way of adding fast SSD storage without the speed penalty of USB.

When it comes to PC storage, NVMe M.2 SSDs are significantly faster than their 2.5-inch SATA predecessors - and in 2023 they're often cheaper for the same capacity too. However, most PCs only come with a handful of NVMe slots, so if you've used them all up it's worth considering a cheap adapter that lets you trade unused motherboard PCIe slots for extra storage potential.

These adapters normally cost around £20, but today we've spotted a deal on a Sabrent adapter that is available for just £11.54.

The scenario we outlined above is exactly what happened for our GPU test rig, which had only two NVMe slots and both were filled. When we started testing new games and needed more storage, the simplest solution was using one of these adapter cards to slot in a third drive on the cheap. We could have used a portable SSD attached with USB instead, but using the faster PCIe slots in our computer means much lower latency and higher speeds - ideal for performance testing.

As well as simply being an adapter, it's handy to know that this enclosure features an aluminium heatsink to provide better thermal performance, as well as as a thermal pad for allowing heat to transfer away from the drive. It also provides an extra layer of protection, so Sabrent says, from any potential electrical damage or overheating, meaning your drive and therefore your data is kept nice and safe.

sabrent nvme to pcie adapter enclosure
Here's how it works - just install an NVMe SSD onto the adapter, add the heatsink, then plug it into a spare PCIe slot. | Image credit: Sabrent

The adapter works with M.2 drives of varying sizes too, from the standard 2280 size to all the way down to 2230 drives that would normally go into something like the Steam Deck. In terms of capacity, it's rated to work with drives up to 16TB in size, making it a handy solution for those wanting to add another big capacity drive to their system with ease. You also get all the screws required with it, too, keeping things easy.

If it's a convenient expansion adapter you're looking for to add more storage into your system easily, this Sabrent M.2 PCIe x16 Enclosure for £12 from Amazon is an absolute steal.

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