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How to get Star Rail Passes in Honkai Star Rail

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Regular Star Rail Passes and Special Passes are the coveted currencies you use to Warp on Banners in Honkai: Star Rail.

Banners are the main way to receive more characters, so knowing how to get Passes in Honkai: Star Rail is important for your different team compositions, especially because some methods to get them actually have a time limit.

To help you get as many characters as you can, we've detailed how to get Special and Star Rail Passes below.

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How to get Star Rail Passes in Honkai Star Rail

Regular Star Rail Passes are the white-coloured tickets that you can use on the Departure Warp and Stellar Warp Banners to get characters available in the standard pool - Like 5-Stars Bronya and Gepard, or 4-Stars Tinyun and Sushang.

The rarer get are the gold-coloured Special Passes, as these are used on limited-time character Banners for 5-Stars like Seele, or on the Brilliant Fixation Light Cone Banner for weapons. You also have the chance of getting regular 5-Stars or 4-Stars on these limited-time Banners as well.

We've went into more detail below, but at a glance, here's how to get Star Rail Passes in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Trailblazer Rank rewards from Pom Pom
  • Permanent Trailblazing Will event
  • Login event rewards
  • Operation Briefing rewards
  • Starlight Exchange
  • Embers Exchange
  • Stellar Trade
  • Ascending characters
  • Free and premium battle pass rewards
  • Completing certain missions

Version 1.2, Blade, and Kafka are here! Make sure to redeem those new codes for Stellar Jade if you want either of them - and check them out on our regularly updated tier list. For everything else, we have pages on the next Banner, Ministry of Education quiz answers, how to get more Star Rail Passes, Stagnant Shadows, and an English voice actors list.

Trailblazer rewards and Operation Briefing

The best way to get regular Star Rail Passes is by raising your Trailblazer Rank to claim rewards from Pom Pom and the Trailblazing Will event, redeemable from the 'Travel Log' Menu. Completing objectives in the Operation Briefing also helps, but isn't as lucrative.

Embers and Starlight Exchange

When you Warp on Banners and receive weapons, you'll get Embers, which can be used in the 'Embers Exchange' section of the store to trade for both regular Passes, and the Special Passes.

For every character you get from Warping, you'll also receive Starlight, and similarly to Embers, you can trade Starlight in the 'Starlight Exchange' section of the store to get regular and Special Passes.

Always make sure you're spending your Embers in the 'Ember Exchange' on Passes before the timer resets, as you only get to purchase five of each kind of Pass at a time before they're gone. When the timer resets, five more of each Pass will appear with a new timer. This doesn't apply to the Starlight Exchange, as Starlight is harder to get.

Stellar Trade

The main way you get Special Passes in Honkai: Star Rail is by trading Stellar Jade in the 'Stellar Trade' section of the store. It costs x160 Stellar Jade per regular or Special Pass, but we only recommend getting the Special variety here, unless you're really close to getting a 5-Star on the Departure or Stellar Warp Banners.

Getting Special Passes will work out better for you in the long term, as all regular 5-Star and 4-Star characters are included in the limited-time character Banners anyway.

Ascending characters

For every Level 20, 40, and 60 each character reaches in Star Rail, you'll get one more regular Star Rail pass. This isn't dished out automatically though, so make sure you're clicking that red notifcation above a character's stats to go in and claim your regular Star Rail pass each time you Ascend another character!

Login events

Lastly, keep an eye on your Travel Log for special login events that can reward regular and Special Passes! You need to manually claim these each day from the Travel Log if there is a login event running.

Good Luck with Warping on Banners!

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