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Honkai Star Rail Luocha best build, Ascension materials, Traces, and Light Cone

Everything you need to know about Luocha in Star Rail.

Luocha is a 5-Star Imaginary character of The Abundance path who will be added to Honkai: Star Rail during Phase 2 of the 1.1 update.

While Luocha is featured as the boosted 5-Star character in his 'Laic Pursuit' Banner in version 1.1, he will eventually return at some point in the future when the Banner schedule cycles back to him.

Whether you have him, or want to prepare for if you do Warp for him successfully, it's good to know the best Luocha build in Honkai: Star Rail, including his best Relics and best team. It's also handy to learn what his Eidolon perks are, and what Ascension materials and Trace materials are needed to level up Luocha to his full potential.

Luocha materials and stats:

Luocha build:

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Version 1.2 Trailer - "Even Immortality Ends" | Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha kit, skills, star, Element, and Path

Luocha is a 5-Star Imaginary character of The Abundance path and is best used for healing your party and debuffing enemies.

All of the percentages mentioned below are based on Level 1 Traces.

Here's a summary of Luocha's abilities and stats in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Element: Imaginary.
  • Path: The Abundance.
  • Rarity: 5-Star.
  • Banner: Laic Pursuit.
  • Basic Attack: Thorns of the Abyss (deals Imaginary damage equal to 50% of Luocha's attack stat to a single enemy).
  • Skill: Prayer of Abyss Flower (immediately restores 40% HP for the target ally, while granting Luocha one stack of Abyss Flower. When HP of any one ally falls to 50% or below, Luocha immediately triggers an effect equivalent to his Skill once. The effect does not consume Skill Points, and can be triggered again after two turns).
  • Ultimate: Death Wish (removes one buff from all enemies, deals 120% Imaginary damage to all enemies, and grants Luocha one stack of Abyss Flower).
  • Talent (passive ability): Circle of Life (when Abyss Flower reaches two stacks, Luocha consumes all stacks of Abyss Flower to deploy a Field against the enemy. When any enemy in the Field is attacked by an ally, the attacker will immediately restore 12% of Luocha's attack stat as HP, plus 60. The Field's effects last for two turns. When Luocha is knocked down, the Field is dispelled).
  • Technique (overworld ability): Mercy of a Fool (at the start of the next battle, Luocha's Talent is immediately triggered).
  • Bonus Trace 1: Cleansing Revival (When Luocha's Skill effect is triggered, one debuff is removed from a target ally).
  • Bonus Trace 2: Sanctified (when any enemy in Luocha's Field is attacked by an ally, all allies except the attacker restore HP equal to 7% of Luocha's attack stat, plus 93).
  • Bonus Trace 3: Through the Valley (the chance to resist Crowd Control debuffs increases by 70%).

Honkai Star Rail Luocha Ascension materials

Golden Crown of the Past Shadow.

You need to use Luocha Ascension materials to upgrade his health, attack, defence, and critical hit effectiveness stats.

You'll need to get a lot of Golden Crown of the Past Shadow and Artifex's Module based materials for Luocha to fully upgrade his capabilities.

In total, the Luocha Ascension Materials in Honkai: Star Rail are:

  • x15 Artifex's Module
  • x15 Artifex's Cogwheel
  • x15 Artifax's Gyreheart
  • x65 Golden Crown of the Past Shadow
  • 308,000 Credits

For more details, here's what Luocha Ascension materials you need per level:

Luocha Ascension level Luocha Ascension materials Credit cost Reward
Level 20 x5 Artifex's Module 4,000 x1 regular Star Rail Pass
Level 30 x10 Artifex's Module 8,000 None
Level 40 x6 Artifax's Gyreheart, x3 Golden Crown of the Past Shadow 16,000 x1 regular Star Rail Pass
Level 50 x9 Artifax's Gyreheart, x7 Golden Crown of the Past Shadow 40,000 None
Level 60 x6 Artifex's Cogwheel, x20 Golden Crown of the Past Shadow 80,000 x1 regular Star Pass
Level 70 x35 Golden Crown of the Past Shadow, x9 Conqueror's Will 160,000 None

Honkai Star Rail Luocha Trace materials

Artifex's Module.

Just like Ascension, to get the most out of using Luocha you will have to level-up his attacks and passive abilities by using Trace materials, which vary from character-to-character.

For Luocha, you'll need to use a lot of Obsidian and Artifex's Module based materials to fully upgrade his capabilities.

In total, to upgrade all of his abilities, the Luocha Trace Materials you need are:

  • x8 Tracks of Destiny
  • x12 Guardian's Lament
  • x18 Seed of Abundance
  • x41 Artifex's Module
  • x56 Artifax's Gyreheart
  • x58 Artifex's Cogwheel
  • x69 Sprout of Life
  • x139 Flower of Eternity
  • 3 million Credits

Honkai Star Rail Luocha Eidolons

By getting duplicates of Luocha from Warping on Banners, you will receive his Eidolon. This material allows you to unlock Eidolon levels, with each upgrade either improving an existing attack or passive ability.

While Luocha is an excellent healer with decent debuff abilities at E0, his E1 perk turns him into a mini Harmony character as well.

Here are all of Luocha's Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Ablution of the Quick (E1): While the Field is active, attack of all allies increases by 20%.
  • Bestowal From the Pure (E2): When his Skill is triggered, if the target ally's HP is lower than 50%, Luocha's Outgoing Healing increases by 30%. If the target ally's HP is at 50% or higher, the ally receives a Shield that can absorb damage equal to 18% of Luocha's attack, plus 240, lasting for two turns.
  • Surveyal by the Fool (E3): Increases the level of Luocha's Skill by two, with a maximum upgrade Level of 15, and increases his Basic attack by one with a maximum upgrade Level of 10.
  • Heavy Lies the Crown (E4): When Luocha's Field is active, enemies become Weakened and deal 12% less damage.
  • Cicatrix 'Neath the Pain (E5): Increases the level of Luocha's Ultimate and Talent by two with a maximum upgrade level of 15 for both.
  • Reunion With the Dust (E6): When Luocha uses his Ultimate, there is a 100% fixed chance to reduce all enemies' All-Type Resistance by 20% for two turns.

How to play Luocha in Honkai Star Rail

As he's an Abundance character, Luocha is all about healing your team, but he can also debuff enemies and remove debuffs from your own party after investing in his Traces.

Luocha's kit revolves around building stacks of Abyss Flower by using his Skill and Ultimate. Once two stacks are reached, he deploys a Field that lasts for two turns. When the Field is active your party members restore health everytime they attack, and when the 'Sanctified' bonus Trace is activated, attacking also heals the other party members too.

Fellow Abundance characters Bailu and Natasha have their own unique benefits, but as Luocha can also dispel debuffs from your party with his skill, remove one buff on enemies with his Ultimate, trigger an automatic healing every two turns costing no Skill Points, and heal with his Skill when required, Luocha is the most consistent healer in Star Rail so far. Just keep in mind that Luocha's automatic healing only triggers when a character falls below 50% HP.

It sounds like a lot, but Luocha's kit makes him a fairly passive and easy character to play, so all you really have to worry about is building to his two Abyss Flower stacks if you want to heal consistently while attacking. Activating his Technique before entering a fight will do this instantaneously, but during a battle you can achieve this by using his Skill and Ultimate.

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the consistent healing and use his Ultimate when you want to cause AOE Imaginary damage or dispell a buff from all enemies, and use his Skill when you need to heal or remove a debuff from your party.

Best Luocha team comp in Honkai Star Rail

As an Abundance character, Luocha is designed to slot into your pre-made teams so there are lots of different comps that he excels in. Generally, you'll want to replace another healer or a shielder to slot Luocha in, if you have both Abundance and Preservation party members on your team. However, if paired with a shielder like Gepard, your Luocha teams can survive even longer!

There isn't one ideal team to play Luocha in, but you should make sure that there is at least one damage-dealer to take care of enemies while Luocha is healing them. These tend to be of The Hunt, The Destruction, and The Erudition paths, with some of the best DPS character in Honkai Star Rail being Seele, Yanqing, and Jing Yuan.

Sushang is also a great pick as a 4-Star DPS option.

We also recommend putting a Harmony character in your Luocha team to buff the damage of your attacks. The best Harmony character in Star Rail is Bronya, but Tingyun is an excellent 4-Star option who can also restore energy.

Additionally, new 4-Star Yukong looks to be a great Harmony pick if you want to increase the Crit Rate and Crit Damage of your whole team.

Lastly, you might also want to consider using Silver Wolf if you have her, as Silver Wolf's Skill lets you implant a new Elemental weakness into enemies, allowing you to bring your best DPS characters along even if they aren't strong against the enemy.

Best Luocha Relics in Honkai Star Rail

We recommend either the Champion of Streetwise Boxing or the Passerby of Wandering Cloud as the best Relic sets for Luocha in your 4-piece slot.

Part of the Champion of Streetwise Boxing Relic set.

The 2-piece of Passerby of Wandering Cloud increases Outgoing Healing by 10%, with the 4-piece recovering 1 Skill Point at the beginning of the battle. This seems like the only good set at first glance, as you aren't building Luocha for his Imaginary damage, but the Champion of Streetwise Boxing takes advantage of Luocha's healing increases from his attack stat.

The 2-piece is useless, as it increases Physical damage, but it's the 4-piece perk of the Champion of Streetwise Boxing you're after, as it increases Luocha's attack by 5% for the rest of the battle if he is hit or hits an enemy, stacking up to five times. That equals a 25% increase to Luocha's healing after 5 stacks.

So, equip Passerby of Wandering Cloud if you don't need that much additional healing, but switch to the Champion of Streetwise Boxing if you're struggling to keep your team alive with Luocha's healing.

As for Luocha's Planar Ornaments, we recommend using the Space Sealing Station set, as it increases's Luocha's attack stat, which you need for better healing. If Luocha's Speed stat is over 120, Space Sealing Station also advances Luocha's turn by 40% when entering battle.

Best Luocha Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail

As it's his signature, the 5-Star Echoes of the Coffin Light Cone is Luocha's best weapon in Honaki Star Rail.

Echoes of the Coffin increases Luocha's attack by 20% when equipped, and after he uses his Ultimate, all allies gain 16 Speed for one turn. Additionally, for each different target Luocha attacks, he recovers five Energy, with each attack recovering Energy a maximum of three times.

For another 5-Star option, we recommend Bailu's signature, Time Waits for No One as another Luocha Light Cone, for its increase to Outgoing Healing and unique follow-up attacks linked to healing.

Natasha's 4-Star Post-Op Conversation and the 4-Star Shared Feeling are good Light Cone picks for F2P Luocha builds for their Outgoing Healing and Energy Restoration perks. Bailu's 4-Star Quid Pro Quo is also good for Energy Restoration.

You can also use some 3-Star Light Cones on Luocha if you're struggling to get 4-Star or 5-Stars. Of these, we recommend the 3-Star Cornucopia for Outgoing Healing and the 3-Star Fine Fruit for Energy Restoration to the whole team.

Version 1.2, Blade, and Kafka are here! Make sure to redeem those new codes for Stellar Jade if you want either of them - and check them out on our regularly updated tier list. For everything else, we have pages on the next Banner, Ministry of Education quiz answers, how to get more Star Rail Passes, Stagnant Shadows, and an English voice actors list.

Best Luocha build in Honkai Star Rail

Keeping in mind that the best team comps in Star Rail are very situational, if you want to take advantage of his consistent healing while causing damage with a main DPS, we have compiled what we think is currently the best Luocha build in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Luocha Best Light Cone: 5-Star Echoes of the Coffin.
  • Luocha Best Relics: 4-Piece Champion of Streetwise Boxing.
  • Luocha Best Planar Ornaments: 2-Piece Space Sealing Statio.
  • Luocha Best team comp: Bronya, Silver Wolf/Gepard, Any high damage-dealer (e.g. Seele, Jing Yuan, Yanqing).

It's entirely up to you whether you want to spend your Stellar Jade to Warp on Luocha's Banner, as there are other great healers already. However, his debuffing abilities on top of Luocha's easy and consistent healing make him a very good Abundance pick for your teams.

Good luck levelling up Luocha in Honkai Star Rail!

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