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Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf best build, Ascension materials, Traces, and Light Cone

Everything you need to know about Silver Wolf in Star Rail.

Silver Wolf is a 5-Star Quantum character of The Nihility path who was added to Honkai: Star Rail during the 1.1 update.

While Silver Wolf was featured as the boosted 5-Star character in her 'Contract Zero' Banner in version 1.1, she will eventually return at some point in the future when the Banner schedule cycles back to her.

Whether you have her, or want to prepare for if you do Warp for her successfully, it's good to know the best Silver Wolf build in Honkai: Star Rail, including her best Relics and best team. It's also handy to learn what her Eidolon perks are, and what Ascension materials and Trace materials are needed to level up Silver Wolf to her full potential.

Silver Wolf materials and stats:

Silver Wolf build:

Silver Wolf Trailer - "Got a Date?"| Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf skills, star, Element, Path, and Light Cone

Silver Wolf is a 5-Star Quantum character of The Nihility path and is best used for debuffing enemies and implanting additional elemental weaknesses to enemies with her Skill.

All of the percentages mentioned below are based on Level 1 Traces.

Here's a summary of Silver Wolf's abilities and stats in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Element: Quantum.
  • Path: The Nihility.
  • Rarity: 5-Star.
  • Banner: Contract Zero.
  • Basic Attack: System Warning (Deals Quantum damage equal to 50% of Silver Wolf's attack stat to a single enemy).
  • Skill: Allow Changes? (Silver Wolf deals 98% of her attack stat as Quantum damage to an enemy and creates a 75% chance to add one weakness of a team member's element to that enemy and reduces their damage resistance of the implanted element by 20% for two turns. Additionally, there is a 100% chance to reduce an enemy's resistance to all elemental types by 7.5% for two turns).
  • Ultimate: User Banned (Deals 228% of Silver Wolf's attack stat as Quantum damage to an enemy, and there is an 85% chance to decrease the enemy's defence by 36% for three turns).
  • Talent (passive ability): Awaiting System Response (Every time Silver Wolf attacks an enemy there is a 60% chance to implant one of three bugs for three turns: 5% attack reduction, 4% defence reduction, 3% speed reduction).
  • Technique (overworld ability): Force Quit Program (Immediately attacks and deals Quantum damage equal to 80% of Silver Wolf's attack stat to all enemies, ignoring weakness types and also reducing enemies' toughness).
  • Bonus Trace 1: Generate (Bug's duration is extended for one turn. Every time an enemy is inflicted with Weakness Break, Silver Wolf has 65% base chance of implanting a random Bug in an enemy).
  • Bonus Trace 2: Inject (Increases the duration of Silver Wolf's weakness implantation Skill by one turn).
  • Bonus Trace 3: Side Note (When using her Skill, Silver Wolf decreases an enemy's resistance to all elements by an additional 3% if there are three or more debuffs affecting them).

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Ascension materials

Void Cast Iron.

You need to use Silver Wolf Ascension materials to upgrade her health, attack, defence, and critical hit effectiveness stats.

You'll need to get a lot of Void Cast Iron and Ancient Part based materials for Silver Wolf to fully upgrade her capabilities.

In total, the Silver Wolf Ascension Materials in Honkai: Star Rail are:

  • x15 Ancient Part
  • x15 Ancient Engine
  • x15 Ancient Spindle
  • x65 Void Cast Iron
  • 308,000 Credits

For more details, here's what Silver Wolf Ascension materials you need per level:

Silver Wolf Ascension level Silver Wolf Ascension materials Credit cost Reward
Level 20 x5 Ancient Part 4,000 x1 regular Star Rail Pass
Level 30 x10 Ancient Part 8,000 None
Level 40 x6 Ancient Spindle, x3 Void Cast Iron 16,000 x1 regular Star Rail Pass
Level 50 x9 Ancient Spindle, x7 Void Cast Iron 40,000 None
Level 60 x6 Ancient Engine, x20 Void Cast Iron 80,000 x1 regular Star Pass
Level 70 x35 Void Cast Iron, x9 Conqueror's Will 160,000 None

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Trace materials

Ancient Part.

Just like Ascension, to get the most out of using Silver Wolf you will have to level-up her attacks and passive abilities by using Trace materials, which vary from character-to-character.

For Silver Wolf, you'll need to use a lot of Obsidian and Ancient Part based materials to fully upgrade her capabilities.

In total, to upgrade all of her abilities, the Silver Wolf Trace Materials you need are:

  • x8 Tracks of Destiny
  • x12 Destroyer's Final Road
  • x18 Obsidian of Dread
  • x41 Ancient Part
  • x56 Ancient Spindle
  • x58 Ancient Engine
  • x69 Obsidian of Desolation
  • x139 Obsidian of Obsession
  • 3 million Credits

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Eidolons

By getting duplicates of Silver Wolf from Warping on Banners, you will receive her Eidolon. This material allows you to unlock Eidolon levels, with each upgrade either improving an existing attack or passive ability.

Here are all of Silver Wolf's Eidolon level upgrades in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Social Engineering (E1): After using her Ultimate, Silver Wolf regenerates seven energy for every debuff that the target enemy currently has. This effect can be triggered up to 5 times per Ultimate.
  • Zombie Network (E2): When an enemy enters battle, reduce their Effect Resistance by 20%.
  • Payload (E3): Increases the level of Silver Wolf's Skill and Talent Levels by two, with a maximum upgrade level of 15.
  • Bounce Attack (E4): After using her Ultimate, Silver Wolf deals additional Quantum damage equal to 20% of her attack stat for every debuff currently on the enemy target. This effect can be triggered for a maximum of 5 times per Ultimate.
  • Brute Force Attack (E5): Increases the level of Silver Wolf's Ultimate by two with a maximum upgrade level of 15, and increases the level of her Basic attack by one, with a maximum upgrade level of 10.
  • Overlay Network (E6): For every debuff the target enemy has, damage dealt by Silver Wolf increases by 20%, capping at 100%.

How to play Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail

As she's a Nihility character, Silver Wolf is all about debuffing enemies, and her Skill is one of the most unique in the game for doing this, as it has a chance to implant a new elemental weakness in the target enemy. This is incredibly useful in particular when up against bosses if you don't have a character with high DPS stats and an Element that the boss is weak to.

In theory, it means you don't have to Warp on Banners as often for high-damage characters, as you can just bring Silver Wolf in your team and implant the elemental weakness of a high-damage character you already have into the enemies you're struggling against.

The only downsides are that her Skill doesn't produce a guaranteed implantation, and you can't choose the weakness - you have to rely on luck. You can increase the likelihood of the chance to implant an elemental weakness you want by investing in Silver Wolf's traces a lot, and by bringing along team members of the same Elemental Type as your main DPS. When more characters of different Paths and roles come along, these team comps will be a lot more flexible. Right now though, this type of team is pretty limiting.

With all this information in mind, we suggest you use Silver Wolf's skill as often as possible until she implants the elemental weakness you want. Then, just use normal attacks and her Ultimate when it appears to apply other debuffs. When the implanted weakness disappears, go back to using Silver Wolf's Skill until it comes back.

We recommend you use her Skill on boss and elite enemies only. Leave the small grunt enemies for either an AOE attacker, or take them out with normal attacks while building skill points back up. Silver Wolf isn't a great damage-dealer, and it's more important to build Skill Points for your team than it is to implant a weakness on an enemy that can be killed quickly some other way.

You should only really consider using her Skill when you don't want to implant another elemental weakness when Silver Wolf is at Ascension 6 and you've unlocked her 'Side Note' passive, as this is good for lowering an enemy's defence even further.

Our last piece of advice is to prioritise levelling up Silver Wolf's Skill, as its type implant is the main reason you want Silver Wolf in your team.

Best Silver Wolf team comp in Honkai Star Rail

Silver Wolf is designed to slot into your pre-made teams, so there are lots of different team comps that she excels in. Generally, you'll want to replace either the healer or shielder in your team comp to slot Silver Wolf in, if you have both types of party members on your team.

If you're struggling to stay alive, however, then choosing Silver Wolf in place of a Harmony or another Nihility character can also work, but it will most likely take longer to win fights. Not much of a problem in the Simulated Universe, but you might not be able to get three stars in a Forgotten Hall challenge this way.

One character you should always have on a Silver Wolf team is a main DPS. These tend to be characters of The Hunt, The Erudition, or The Destruction Paths.

Always use a high damage-dealer with Silver Wolf.

If you want to keep using Seele, for example, but the boss you're going to face isn't weak to Quantum, then bring Silver Wolf along with Seele to implant a Quantum weakness and increase Seele's damage and break potential against them. The same can be said about other great damage-dealers, like Jing Yuan, Yanqing, and Sushang.

If you need a shielder to keep Silver Wolf and your damage-dealer alive, then Gepard is currently the best pick, as his Ultimate shields your entire team. The Fire Trailblazer can also bait attacks to keep others alive longer, and March 7th is huge help at creating shields and freezing enemies. March 7th is a particularly good pick in the Simulated Universe.

For healers, Bailu is the best at the moment, as she can revive fallen team members, and Natasha is a great free-to-play substitute.

The best Harmony characters to have on your team are Bronya or Tingyun for their attack buffs, with Bronya also letting you switch to other characters, and Tinyun helping with Energy regeneration.

If you have a good team of characters made up of the same elemental types, then considering running them together to increase the likelihood of their element being implanted into an enemy.

For example, an Ice team of Gepard, Yanqing, and Pela with Silver Wolf is one of the best right now, and when an Ice healer comes along, if you replace Pela with them, you'll have an insane damage-dealing team that can survive against any element in the game.

Best Silver Wolf Relics in Honkai Star Rail

Depending on the situation, we recommend either the Genius of Brilliant Stars, or the Musketeer of Wild Wheat as the best Relic sets for Silver Wolf in your 4-piece Relic slot.

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise.

The 2-piece Genius of Brilliant Stars increases Quantum damage by 10%, while the 4-Piece ignores 10% of an enemy's defence, and another 10% if they're weak to Quantum.

The Musketeer of Wild Wheat set is very easy to get at the start of the game and can still be used in later content, with the 2-piece increasing attack by 10% and the 4-piece increasing speed by 6% and Basic attack damage by 10%.

Of the two, Genius of Brilliant Star is the best whether you're using Silver Wolf solely for adding elemental weaknesses to enemies, or if you want a little more damage potential out of her skills.

The best Planar Ornaments Reics for Silver Wolf is the Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise, which increases Silver Wolf's Effect Hit Rate. Raising Effect Hit Rate makes it more likely that Silver Wolf will implant elemental weaknesses in an enemy and apply other debuffs.

Best Silver Wolf Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail

As it's her signature, the 5-Star Incessant Rain Light Cone is Silver Wolf's best weapon in Honaki: Star Rail.

At Level 80 and Superimposition Level 1, Incessant Rain increases Effect Hit Rate by 24%, and Crit Rate by 12% if an enemy is affected by three or more debuffs. Additionally, when you use any attack with Incessant Rain equipped, Aether Code is applied to a random target who has been hit by that attack. Aether Code increases damage taken by 12% for one turn.

For another 5-Star option, we recommend Welt's signature, In the Name of the World as another Silver Wolf weapon, for its increase to Skill Effect Hit Rate.

As for 4-Star F2P options, Eyes of the Prey is a good Light Cone pick for Silver Wolf with its increased Effect Hit Rate, and Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat is a good for Ensnaring enemies and reducing their defence with any attack.

Version 1.2, Blade, and Kafka are here! Make sure to redeem those new codes for Stellar Jade if you want either of them - and check them out on our regularly updated tier list. For everything else, we have pages on the next Banner, Ministry of Education quiz answers, how to get more Star Rail Passes, Stagnant Shadows, and an English voice actors list.

Best Silver Wolf build in Honkai Star Rail

Keeping in mind that the best team comps in Star Rail are very situational, if you want to take advantage of her elemental weakness implantation skill while keeping her alive, we have compiled what we think is currently the best Silver Wolf build in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Silver Wolf Best Light Cone: 5-Star Incessant Rain.
  • Silver Wolf Best Relics: 4-Piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat and 2-Piece Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise.
  • Silver Wolf Best team comp: Bronya, Bailu, Any high damage-dealer (e.g. Seele, Jing Yuan, Yanqing).

In the future, teams made up of the same Element with a shielder, healer, and damage-dealer will probably be the best to run along with Silver Wolf.

It's entirely up to you whether you want to spend your Stellar Jade to Warp on Silver Wolf's Banner, but she is a very useful Quantum character to have for her elemental weakness implantation, and can actually save you Stellar Jade in the long run by letting you use the powerful characters you already have more often.

Good luck levelling up Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail!

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