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Honkai Star Rail Stagnant Shadow explained, how to unlock Stagnant Shadows

Everything you need to know about Stagnant Shadows in Honkai Star Rail.

Throughout your Astral Express journey, you might come across systems that require you to get resources from a Stagnant Shadow in Honkai: Star Rail, but find the feature is blocked.

It's blocked because you need to fulfil some prerequisite requirements first, so we've quickly went over how to unlock Stagnant Shadows in Honkai: Star Rail below, along with a more detailed explainer on what they are exactly, and a list of all Stagnant Shadow drops and weaknesses.

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How to unlock Stagnant Shadows in Honkai Star Rail

Unfortunately, you're in for a bit of a wait, as Stagnant Shadows only unlock in Honkai: Star Rail after reaching Trailblazer Rank 30 and competing the Trial of Equilibrium: Part 2, increasing your Equilibrium Level to 3.

After defeating the last enemy during the Equilibrium Trial, you'll automatically unlock all available Stagnant Shadows, so need to do anything else after the trial.

You can increase your Trailblazer Level to 30 by continuing to complete quests, open chests, farm for resources in places like Calyxes and Cavern of Corrosions, and explore the Simulated Universe.

Although we don't recommend doing it, if you're really in a rush, you can consume Fuel to refill your Trailblaze Power to take on more domains like Calyxes so you can farm Trailblazer EXP quicker. This is one of the rarer resources though, so we recommend conserving it for when you really need it!

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Honkai Star Rail Stagnant Shadows explained

Stagnant Shadows are another type of challenge housed in your 'Survival Index', like Calyxes or Echoes of War. When you beat the enemies in Stagnant Shadow challenges, you get character Ascension materials. What material you get depends on what Shadow you choose to battle.

You can quickly travel to a Stagnant Shadow by clicking on one in your Survival Index.

Each Stagnant Shadow has different types of enemies to battle, so you'll have to change your party lineup before taking on each one if you want to clear it as quickly as possible.

There are also different levels of enemies you can take on for each individual Stagnant Shadow. They'll be tougher, so you need to be more careful about what characters you bring along, but you do get more resources for taking on Shadows of a higher level.

Lastly, remember you can use the auto-battle and double speed toggles to clear Stagnant Shadows quicker, but if you choose to challenge it at a higher level, it will take your characters a lot longer to clear a battle, or they might even all get knocked down and you won't receive any resource drops.

Honkai Star Rail Stagnant Shadow drops and weaknesses

There are currently 10 Stagnant Shadows in Honkai: Star Rail. Along with rewarding Credits and Trailblazer EXP, each Shadow drops a character Ascension material.

Here's what character Ascension materials each Stagnant Shadow drops in Star Rail, and what Element they're weak to:

Stagnant Shadow Character Ascension Material Weak To
Shape of Blaze Endotherm Chitin Ice
Shape of Celestial Ascendant Debris TBC
Shape of Doom Shape Shifer's Lightning Staff Ice
Shape of Fulmination Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow Physical
Shape of Gust Storm Eye Fire
Shape of Icicle Gelid Chitin Fire
Shape of Mirage Golden Crown of the Past Shadow Fire
Shape of Quanta Void Cast Iron Lightning
Shape of Rime Horn of Snow Fire
Shape of Spike Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf Ice

All the best taking on Shadows in Honkai Star Rail!

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