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Diablo 4 players are getting banned for using that "seasonal exploit bug"


Mother Lilith stares at you in Diablo 4
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Blizzard is banning players who use the "seasonal exploit" in Diablo 4.

That's according to players on the game's subreddit, who report that players tempted to disconnect and transfer non-seasonal items to a seasonal character are finding out the hard way that Blizzard has a zero-tolerance policy for the exploit.

Diablo IV - Season of the Malignant - Announce Trailer.

"My friend got banned today," wrote u/SaintCharlie in a thread entitled "PSA - Blizzard IS INDEED banning people for the seasonal exploit bug".

"At first, they said it was for buying gold, but then when he appealed to them about it, they said that they had mislabeled the reason, and that it was for doing the exploit where you disconnect and transfer non-seasonal items to a seasonal character.

"I'm not upset by this ban and think he had it coming, but figured that there could be people here who may be tempted to use the exploit and thought I'd give them a heads-up," they added a little while later.

PSA - Blizzard IS INDEED banning people for the seasonal expoit bug
by u/SaintCharlie in diablo4

"I haven't played for weeks since I beat Lilith and unlocked World Tier III. Many here are convinced that it was actually ME that got banned, and that I'm using my 'friend' as cover because I must be so terribly ashamed and embarrassed to admit using an exploit....and that's fine. I really don't care. I just thought that this would be of interest to the community, and hadn't seen a post about it yet. It was pretty amusing hearing my friend lament about it."

Hundreds of comments confirm that others, too, have been banned, with most commenters agreeing with Blizzard's stance on the exploit and concuring that those who use it deserve have access to the game revoked.

Blizzard was quick to clamp down on the unethical practice, even though it has its hands full dealing with the fallout of Diablo 4's most recent patch, too.

Blizzard says it understands the frustration fans have about Diablo 4's most recent patch, and promised it doesn't "plan on doing a patch like this ever again".

"We want to acknowledge everyone's feedback in regard to reducing player power," community manager, Adam Fletcher, said at the time. "We know it is bad. We know it is not fun... We also want to talk about what we were trying to achieve specifically with this patch and with the changes that players ended up seeing.

"And then, separately, we do want to also talk about how we don't plan on doing a patch like this ever again."

In last week's fireside chat with the developers, Blizzard promised improved "effectiveness and fun" for these two classes - now we know exactly how in the latest patch notes for 1.1.1, which is due to roll out next week.

For Sorcerers, the intention was to improve late-game survivability and move away from "kiss-curse" effects where players gain power but lose it elsewhere. For Barbarians, the flow of combat will be sped up by increasing Fury generation and the power of Unique items in the late-game.

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