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Genshin Impact 4.0 release date, 4.0 Banner and event details

The full schedule for As Light Rain Falls Without Reason.

Artwork with an anime style depicting new fontaine characters with the traveler and paimon in the middle.
Image credit: HoYoverse

The Genshin Impact 4.0 release date and 4.0 Banner and event details have been officially announced for the latest patch, titled As Light Rain Falls Without Reason.

As always, there are two Banner phases and new time-limited events in the latest Genshin Impact update, with the next patch debuting three new characters, along with some Banner reurns. Additionally, 4.0 also introduces us to the huge new area of Fontaine and the underwater traversal mechanic, along with many story, gameplay, and item updates!

Below, you can find out the 4.0 release date and time, who the returning characters are, and what the 4.0 Banners and events schedule is for the upcoming patch.

Be sure to also check out our Genshin Impact codes page to get free Primogems that can be used towards unlocking new characters and weapons.

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Genshin Impact 4.0 release date and time in in UK, BST, CDT, EDT and PDT

Genshin Impact 4.0 will release on Wednesday 16th August. It should follow the usual maintenance schedule for new updates, with 4.0 releasing at 4am (BST). Due to time zone differences, 4.0 actually releases in the United States on Tuesday 15th August.

For other time zones, the Genshin Impact 4.0 release time is:

  • East Coast US: Tuesday 15th August, 11pm (EDT)
  • Central US: Tuesday 15th August, 10pm (CDT)
  • West Coast US:Tuesday 15th August, 8pm (PDT)
  • Australia: Wednesday 16th August, 1pm (AEST)
  • Japan: Wednesday 16th August, 12pm (JST)
  • Europe: Wednesday 16th August, 5am (CEST)
  • UK: Wednesday 16th August, 4am (BST)

As this is only an approximate time for how long the servers are down, you might be able to play the 4.0 patch a little before or after the times above - although previous update estimates have been fairly accurate.

Screenshot of an underwater landscape with buildings and aquatic plants.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Genshin Impact 4.0 Banners

The version 4.0 Banners debut 5-Star Lyney, and 4-Stars Lynette and Freminet across two Banner phases.

Phase 1 of the 4.0 Banner schedule begins with new Pyro 5-Star Lyney, featured in his Conjuring Chiaroscuro Banner, and returning Hydro 5-Star Yelan featured in her Discerner of Enigmas Banner. Anemo 4-Star Lynette is also featured as one of the boosted 4-Stars on both Lyney and Yelan's Banners.

It's worth keeping in mind for your Wishing plans that Lynette is rewarded for free when you reach Adventure Rank 25.

As usual, the 4.0 Phase 1 Banners will run alongside each other, and should be available from Wednesday 16th August, until they end on Wednesday 6th September.

Showing character details for lyney yelan and lynette for 4.0 phase 1 banners.
Image credit: HoYoverse

In Phase 2 of the 4.0 Banner schedule we have returning Geo 5-Star Zhongli's Gentry of Hermitage Banner and returning Hydro 5-Star Tartaglia (Childe)'s Farewell of Snezhnaya Banner. New Cryo 4-Star Freminet is also featured as one of the boosted 4-Stars on both Zhongli and Childe's Banners.

These Phase 2 Banners are expected to run from Wednesday 6th September until they end on Tuesday 26th September - the day before the expected release date of version 4.1.

Showing character deatils for zhongli childe and freminet for 4.0 phase 2 banners.
Image credit: HoYoverse

In summary, all of the new and returning characters you can Wish on during 4.0 in Genshin Impact are:

  • Lyney (Conjuring Chiaroscuro Banner - Phase 1): New 5-Star Pyro character who uses a bow.
  • Yelan (Discerner of Enigmas Banner - Phase 1): Returning 5-Star Hydro character who uses a bow.
  • Lynette (Conjuring Chiaroscuro and Discerner of Enigmas Banners - Phase 1): New 4-Star Anemo character who uses a sword.
  • Zhongli (Gentry of Hermitage Banner - Phase 2): Returning 5-Star Geo character who uses a polearm.
  • Tartaglia (Childe) (Farewell of Snezhnaya Banner - Phase 2): Returning 5-Star Hydro character who uses a bow.
  • Freminet (Gentry of Hermitage and Farewell of Snezhnaya Banners - Phase 2): New 4-Star Cryo character who uses a claymore.

It's also been confirmed that we're getting a new 5-Star bow in the next weapon Banner, The First Great Magic, Lyney's signature weapon.

A bow with red accents and text to its left showing its name and five star rating.
Image credit: HoYoverse

To keep up to date with who the other boosted 4-Star characters and weapons will be, and all other Banner changes, check out our regularly updated next and current Banners page!

Version 3.8 is here! Get a free Kaeya skin by collecting Joyeux Vouchers and make sure to redeem those new codes for Primogems if you want Wanderer (Scaramouche) in Phase 2 - and check him out on our tier list. You'll need luck from the Pity and 50/50 systems to Wish with Fate for him and future Banners, and you always need the right Adventure Rank for events. Elsewhere, we have tips and tricks for beginners, Dendroculus locations, fishing locations, and TCG card locations.

Genshin Impact 4.0 events

The huge Genshin Impact 4.0 update includes:

  • New Fontaine region
  • Swimming and diving mechanic
  • Underwater exploration
  • 2 new Artifact sets
  • New battle pass weapons
  • Fontaine craftable weapons
  • Archon Quest
  • World Quests
  • Lyney Story Quest
  • Multi-layered map
  • TCG Spectator mode
  • New party menu looks
  • New bosses
  • New enemies
  • Gyroscope and faster loading for the PS5 version
  • Leyline overflow event

This is just a selection of the new content available in version 4.0, but it is the most significant updates.

Lyney tipping his magicians hat on a red background with text saying he is getting a story quest.
Artwork of an underwater landscape behind pillars in a dark dilapidated room.
Official artwork of new fontaine characters with the traveler and paimon in the middle with text saying there will be a new archon quest soon.
Images and brief text descriptions of new fontaine weapons on a white and gold background.
Image credit: HoYoverse

In addition to this content, we're getting the usual four events during the 4.0 update to Genshin Impact.

Here's everything we know about every time-limited event in Genshin Impact 4.0:

Mega Meka Melee event

For the Mega Meka Melee event the Traveler needs to assist a Fontaine shop owner with some experiments. Additionally, there is an event storyline for Mega Meka Melee called 'Toy War Situation Map' where you explore Bennett's connections to the shop.

The first Mega Meka Melee task is called Torrential Turbulent Charge, which is an underwater challenge where you need to touch Turbulent items to take part in a race to the finish line.

Gameplay screenshot of lyney swimming underwater as part of a challenge.
Image credit: HoYoverse

The second challenge, Efficacy Testing Simulation Area, is a combat task where you have to fight different types of enemies, including the new Clockwork Meka varieties.

Gameplay screenshot of a character looking at meka enemies.
Image credit: HoYoverse

The third and final challenge, Dance Dance Resolution, is a musical task, but it looks a little different than previous music-based challenges. Here, you take control of a 'Toy Adventurer' and attack at the right moment, matching up with the beat of the music.

Gameplay screenshot of a toy hitting an object.
Image credit: HoYoverse

The rewards you can earn from the Mega Meka Melee event event include:

  • Free Bennett character
  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Crown of Insight
  • Character Ascension Materials
  • Character EXP materials
  • Talent level up materials
  • Weapon enhancement materials
  • Sanctifying Essence
A picture of paimon in fontaine with text and pictures of the mega meka melee event rewards.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Relic Records - Creations of the Hydro Nation event

This seems like a standard item and enemy location event, where you have to explore specific areas to find the targets marked in your Relic Records. It looks like a good way to get rewarded for collecting Fontaine intel that will be handy to know in the long run.

Menu showing rewards like promogems and mora for finding different materials.
Image credit: HoYoverse

The rewards you can earn from the Relic Records - Creations of the Hydro Nation event include:

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Character EXP materials
  • Weapon Enhancement materias
  • Weapon Ascension materias
Artwork of a blue and gold book with text and images to its right detailing the rewards for the relic records event.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Studies in Light and Shadow - A Fontaine of Enchantment event

This is a photography challenge event where you have to snap photos of scenery and creatures for a character called Bressen. If you can't find the targets, there will be clues in the event menu that can help.

Gameplay screenshot showing the player taking a picture of a blue creature underwater.
Image credit: HoYoverse

The rewards you can earn from the Studies in Light and Shadow event include:

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Character EXP materials
  • Talent level up materials
Artwork of a kamera device with text and pictures showing the rewards for the studies in light and shadow event.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Verdict of Blades event

Verdict of Blades is a combat challenge where you have to use the Blade Mirage mechanism to gain an advantage in fighting, and there are also various difficulties you can play the challenges on. It sounds like a pretty standard Genshin combat event.

Menu with a blue background showing the details and rewards of a verdict of blades combat challenge.
Image credit: HoYoverse

The rewards you can earn from the Verdict of Blades event include:

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Talent level up materials
  • Weapon Ascension materials
  • Weapon enhancement materials
Artwork of a stylized red sword beside a similarly drawn blue wave with text and images to their right showing the rewards for the verdict of blades event.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Hope you have fun exploring Fontaine in 4.0!

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