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Diablo 4's season journey progress bug will be "fixed in a few days"


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Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra has confirmed that the team hopes to have "fixed" the bug that's preventing some Diablo 4 players from progressing and collecting their rewards in the new season by 15th August.

After tweeting his progress thus far, confirming that he had fully completed Season 1, Ybarra received a reply from a Diablo 4 fan who said: "Unfortunately some of us cannot do this due [to] a bug".

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The issue sees players stuck at Slayer level because the game won't accept that they've completed the A Boon in the Tide quest no matter how many times they attempt to open the Tortured Gift Helltide chest.

Consequently, dozens of players have posted on the game's official forums to report the issue in several different threads.

Ybarra replied directly to the player to acknowledge the issue, replying: "It's being fixed in a few days, I think the goal is [15th August]", intimating that a fix won't be rolling out with Patch 1.1.1. which is expected next week.

While it may not be as speedy as some players had hoped – at the time of writing, the 15th August is still over a week away – the commenter thanked Ybarra for his response, adding "it's really great to hear that".

Don't be tempted to use the seasonal exploit, though – Blizzard is banning players who use it.

That's according to players on the game's subreddit, who report that players tempted to disconnect and transfer non-seasonal items to a seasonal character are finding out the hard way that Blizzard has a zero-tolerance policy for the exploit.

In last week's fireside chat with the developers, Blizzard promised improved "effectiveness and fun" for these two classes - now we know exactly how in the latest patch notes for 1.1.1, which is due to roll out next week.

For Sorcerers, the intention was to improve late-game survivability and move away from "kiss-curse" effects where players gain power but lose it elsewhere. For Barbarians, the flow of combat will be sped up by increasing Fury generation and the power of Unique items in the late-game.

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